Egg tray machine
We provide complete set of egg tray production line, including sections of pulping, molding, drying, etc. Molds and other assistant equipment will also be supplied.
Other paper pulp products
By changing the molds, other pulp products can also be made, including egg carton, apple & fruit trays, bottle trays and other packaging stuff.
Bagasse pulp tableware production line
Bagasse pulp is the new-generation of material for tableware, it reduces the chance of environmental pollution. We also provide complete production line for bagasse pulp tableware.

whole solution for egg tray production

egg tray molding machine

Our company has been supplying egg tray machine for years, during which the products had proven high efficiency & high profit return rate. The egg tray production line uses computer-programed enginnering, to utilize all kinds of virgin pulp, waster paper, carton box, newspaper, etc in the production of molded fiber packaging stuff, such as egg trays, egg boxes, apple trays, wine bottle trays, computer packaging stuff, etc. It's a very satisfying and timing return investment for business starters. For entrepreneurs, especially printing company, it's an excellent choice aiming a stable and continuosly profit return.

The complete egg tray making plant includes pulping section, molding section, drying section, packing section and other assistant equipments.

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other pulp products & Bagasse pulp machine

bagasse plate making machine

Bagasse pulp is the newly developped material for the production of tableware. Compared with other raw material, bagasse tableware has better appearance and longer life span, compared with polyester, bagasse is more environmental friendly, which can be recycled or absorted easily.

The production of bagasse tableware is similar with egg tray production. Bagasse pulp, which can be obtained from paper making plants, is used as raw material, after pulping, molding & drying section, the tableware will go through sterilization and edge trimming section before packaging. As the profit margin is much higher than other consumable tableware, it‘s another excellent choice for entrepreneurs who wants enter the local market.

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