Egg tray machine
We provide complete set of egg tray production line, including sections of pulping, molding, drying, etc. Molds and other assistant equipment will also be supplied.
Other paper pulp products
By changing the molds, other pulp products can also be made, including egg carton, apple & fruit trays, bottle trays and other packaging stuff.
Bagasse pulp tableware production line
Bagasse pulp is the new-generation of material for tableware, it reduces the chance of environmental pollution. We also provide complete production line for bagasse pulp tableware.

drying system of egg tray production

After shaping, the semi-finised pulp products are fetched by the transfer arm and placed on a metal tray. The chain conveyor carries the tray into the drying oven where the moisture will be evaporated by the circulated hot wind, leaving 5~8% wet.

Two types of drying tunnels can be chosed from, single layer type and multi layer type:

The single one occupies larger space with longer distance. It can be built by bricks or metal frame with insulation panel. Chaines trays or stainless steel mesh can be used of the placing egg trays. To adopt such drying oven, the cost is cheaper while it consumes more heat and occupy more space.

The multi-layer one is a container-sized oven where the chained trays zigzag inside. Although it costs more investment by the drying efficiency is higher while it only uses small space. The oven structure is made from metal frame between which the insulation panel fill in. Metal trays are used for placing the products.

At the ends of both types of oven, a counter is used to count products that come out.

Various fuels can be used for the drying, including coal, diesel, natural gas, biomass, sawdust, propane, etc. By alter the ignitor of the burner, the fuels can be switched in between.

Main Equipement for egg tray molding section


single tunnel egg tray drier   multi-layer egg tray drier
Single tunnel egg tray drying oven   Multi-layer egg tray drying tunnel
ignitor and burning chamber   egg tray counter and stacker
Egg box mold   Counter and stacker
egg tray moving chains   drying tunnel container loading
Trays for placing pulp product   Multi-layer container loading


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