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Spare Parts - egg tray production

Daily wear-out is common during egg tray, or egg carton produciton.

In pulping section, common spare parts includes sieves for vibration screen, motors for pumps, rotating kit for hydralic pulper, dyes and chemicals to be added during pulping, etc.

In molding section, we supply molds for egg tray, egg carton and other pulp-molded products. There are several options for mold material: ABS plastic, aluminum and Nylon. Meshes on the mold is another worn out part which should be changed every half a year, depending on local water hardness.

In single drying tunnel, the dryer steel mesh should be changed every other year. In Multiple dryer, chains & gear should be maintained properly. Trays should also be replace in every certain period.

Main supply range

drying plates

Plates in drying tunnel

egg carton mold

Egg box mold

Transmission in molding machine

Transmission unit in molding machine

Egg tray mold

Egg tray mold

egg tray mold and mesh

Egg tray mold and mesh

Nozzels in egg tray molding machine

Nozzels in egg tray molding machine