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Pulping - egg tray production

The pulping system is a simple paper mill. The waste paper is fed into hydra pulper, which can be placed above ground or underground. The paper is crushed and shredded inside the drum where water is fed inside as well, making the pulp consistency around 4%~5%.

Water proof chemicals and dyes are added in this section.

The pulp stays in the pulper for 30~40 minutes and then transferred to vibrating screen where the impurities will be filtered by vibration and water flow.

Normally, a complete pulping system has 3 pulp pools, 2 for production, 1 for stand by. Then pulp goes to #1 pool firstly before entering pulp miller where it will be grinded into average consistency. #2 pool accepts the refined pulp, water is fed to dilute the pulp into 1% consistency before entering molding machine for egg tray production.

Main equipments

hydralic pulper for egg tray machine

Hydraulic pulper

Vibration screen

Vibration screen

pulp miller

Pulp miller

Pulp pumps

underground pulp pools

Underground pulp pools

Control cabinet

Control cabinet