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Shaping - egg tray production

The egg tray molding system is the key section of the whole production line. It's a rotary drum, on which groups of forming mold were fixed. The forming mold is made from ABS hard plastic or aluminum alloy, depending on final products. By changing the mold, different pulp products can be made.

During produciton, the drum ratates at the uniform speed, with one face of mold immersed in the pulp tank where the 1% consistency pulp is pumped from the pool. The vacuum pump is turned on to suck pulp, make it adhered to the mold surface and remove the extra water which will flow back to the pulp pools.

The drum keep rotating when the mold with fibre comes to the position where another transfer snatcher will suck the fiber out and at the same time, there is a air puff from the forming mold to push the fibre outwards. The transfer snatch finally release the pulp fibre onto a conveying tray, which will soon enter the drying tunnel.

Main equipments

Control cabinet for shaping system

Control cabinet of molding system

Transfer arm

Transfer arm

Working principle

Production principle

Shaper & dryer for egg tray machine

Molding drums and drying tunnel

Molding cylinder of egg tray production

Molding drum

Control cabinet

Vacuum pump