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cornstarch eco material for tableware

This eco tableware takes cornstarch, a biologically dissolvable material, as raw material. Such tableware can be dissolved naturally to avoid environmental pollution, it's one suitable substitution for those tableware made from controversial material.

Advantages of such tableware includes

1)No poison, it does no harm to human health. For one unit, 50% of is made from cornstarch, the rest is from PP, PLA or other eco material

2) Zero pollution, after burying such tableware under soil ground, it will dissolve in 90 days under normal temperature. The remaining is water and carbon dioxide which is healthy for environment.

3) It saves natural resources such as paper or plastic tableware which require a lot of wood and oil. Cornstarch can be taken from the field continuously.

4) Excellent appearance, no leakage of water and oil. Resistant to high temperature, freez and microwave heating.