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Top-quality Egg Tray Machine

Beijing Mercurius Co., is a professional supplier for egg tray machine for over a decade .

Bagasse tableware

ECO-friendly tableware is replacing traditional tableware step by step, we supply a wide range of sugarcane bagasse tableware, as well as cornstarch tableware..

Overall solution

We provide a thorough solution, as well as spare parts, for the whole setup of egg tray production plant.


Beijing Mercurius Technology Co., Ltd has been supplying egg tray machine for years, during which the products had proven high efficiency & high profit return rate. The egg tray production line uses computer-programed enginnering, to utilize all kinds of virgin pulp, waster paper, carton box, newspaper, etc in the production of molded fiber packaging stuff, such as egg trays, egg boxes, apple trays, wine bottle trays, computer packaging stuff, etc. It's a very satisfying and timing return investment for business starters. For entrepreneurs, especially printing company, it's an excellent choice aiming a stable and continuosly profit return.

The complete egg tray making plant includes pulping section, molding section, drying section, packing section and other assistant equipments. Main category of the modling machine includes rotary forming type and reciprocate forming type, while the former one has higher capacity. Multiple layer drying oven is used for egg tray production with higher speed and limited workshop space, single layer ones are also adopted with cheaper cost.

By using the same pulping system and similar raw material, toilet paper can also be produced by a yankee dryer and other equipment. By changing the molder and dryer, bagasse tableware can also be produced.

Egg Tray making process:

egg tray machine


To crush waste paper into liquid pulp

egg tray machine supplier


To fix the pulp into the shaped product

egg tray making machine


To remove extra moisture from the product